Eco bricks! 

In our school we get through a lot of toast! But the plastic bread bags cannot be recycled. Year 3 had a go at creating some Eco Bricks from the bread bags to find an alternative way to make them useful. Eco bricks are building blocks, created with flexible plastic stuffed very tightly into a plastic bottle to create a solid ‘brick’. These can be used for building chairs, stools, walls, even homes! What a brilliant alternative to recycling as the bricks can be used again and again. 


Plastic Pollution 

For Plastic  Free day Year 3 enjoyed recycling plastic to create printed sea creature pictures.

Easter Poems

In Miss Mogridge’s english class the children have been busy writing Easter Poems. Here are some of our favourites…

When I think of Easter,

I think of a little chick,

I think of Jesus in a cave,

and chocolate you can lick.

When I think of Easter,

I think of the Easter bunny,

I think of little lambs,

while I have bread and honey.


When I think of Easter,

I think of hot cross buns,

I think of yummy chocolate,

and I think of God’s son.

By Ellie M and Lily P




When I think of Easter,

I think of baby lambs,

I think of growing trees,

and toast and Jam.


When I think of Easter,

I think of Jesus on the cross,

I think of delicious choc,

and then I do the floss!


When I think of Easter,

I think of cheeping chicks,

I think of pretty flowers,

growing really quick.

by Georgia and Ryan W.



We hope you all have a lovely, peaceful Easter and don’t eat too much chocolate all at once! From year 3.



Super Science Show! 

We looked at how the particles move in solids liquids and gases. Solid particles are slow whereas liquids move more freely. Gas particles move very quickly! 

Air is made from oxygen carbon dioxide and nitrogen. 
Liquid nitrogen is negative 196 degrees, it makes things freeze! 
Steve froze a flower in the liquid nitrogen. Lola felt the flower, “Its like crunchy crisps!”
One of the children said “it’s like walking on the frosty grass!” 
Steve poured liquid nitrogen into a test tube, it looked like boiling water – but it was boiling cold not hot. 
Steve blew up a balloon with liquid nitrogen. The liquid turned into a gas – it evaporated. It occupied 500 times more space. 
Steve froze some balloons in liquid nitrogen. The air inside them froze then we got to feel them. They felt really cold! After a while, they warmed up and looked like normal balloons once more. 

We learnt so much at the science show! Thank you to Steve from the explorer dome for a really interesting morning.