Design a Playground! 

We have had lots of fun designing a playground as our end of term project. First we had to do some market research and made a survey to ask children what playground equipment they like. We presented our results in a bar chart. Then we used catalogues to find the things we wanted to buy. We had a budget of £10,000 and had to use our adding skills to work out the total. We also used geography skills to draw maps of our playgrounds. 


A visit from an occupational therapist! 

Today we had a visit from Sarah (charlotte’s mummy) who is an occupational therapist. She told us all about her job helping people and how she adapts homes to support people with different needs. It was interesting learning how everyday tasks like taking a bath can be so tricky for wheelchair users. We designed a home for them with changes to make life easier. 

Stone Age Ice Discovery

In 1991 some hikers were walking in the snow in the Otizal Alps when they found the world’s oldest human mummy. It was a Stone Age person, buried in ice. They nicknamed him Otzi. 

We did our own ‘ice discovery’ this afternoon as we uncovered some ‘Stone Age’ artefacts from the ice to infer what life would be like for Stone Age people like Otzi. It was really exciting!