British Values Afternoon!

Year Three have been learning about democracy and participating in an activity to design a campaign…  

We learnt that a campaign is a way for groups of people with the same beliefs to drive an opinion for what they think should happen.  

We read the story ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ By Drew Daywalt & Oliver Jeffers. We discussed the different opinions and thoughts of each crayon that expressed their views, and worked in small groups to design a campaign to support the crayons and promote democratic change.  

We created catchy slogans and chants and wrote short speeches that we felt delivered the campaign effectively to our other class members.

The start of the Summer Term in Year 3…

Welcome to the Summer Term in year 3.

We have got off to a flying start and have been getting up to lots of exciting things already.

Last week we had a special assembly from two beach lifeguards who work on beaches near us. They taught us all about water safety and how to make sure we are not in danger on the beach.

We learnt all about what the different flags mean and what to do if we ever need help by the sea.

Lifeguards at work

We have also had some experts coming in to our classrooms and teaching us exciting skills!

We have Hazel who is going to be coming in this term to teach us all about the gospels and disciples. She is joining us every Tuesday until Half Term

Kipp has also been coming in on a Wednesday. Kipp is a musician and a teacher who is going to be teaching us about music composition and how to use a variety of exciting instruments!

World Water Day

Wednesday this week was World Water Day.

Darcy brought her book “Little Raindrop” – here is a link if you want to listen to it again:

We also watched a video about the work of the charity, Water Aid and the good that they do around the world to end water poverty.

World Book Day 2023

We had a super day yesterday for World Book Day.

The costumes were absolutely amazing and SO creative. To celebrate the day, we shared some of our favourite books. We listened to Two Shy Pandas, Encanto – Jungle Adventure, an extract from Daredevils in Space, The Paper Dolls, Pony Party and Meerkat Smiles.

Not only did we listen to those, we read 1.5 chapters of our class book (Knights and Bikes) too. Mrs Blackmore read the second half of Chapter 4 and then we listened to the AudioBook version of Chapter 5. We have discovered that our book is FREE to download with an Audible membership as an AudioBook. How exciting!

We also made our own bookmarks, masks inspired by book characters and designed a book cover for “The Story of our Lives” – what would be on your book cover if your life were a story?!

Kents Cavern!

On the 8th of February we flashed back to our Autumn Term topic of the Stone Age and visited Kents Cavern!

It was an amazing day and we were blown away by the knowledge of all the pupils in Year 3. They had remembered loads and were able to show off their facts to the people who worked there.

Since our trip, we have had an email to say that St Michael’s were one of the best behaved & respectful school that Kents Cavern have ever had to visit – wow! What a credit to our school.

Here are some photos from our incredible day out…

Year 3 Football Tournament

Today Year 3 had a football tournament!

We have been focusing on Football in our Thursday P.E lessons and decided to put these new skills into action.

We had four teams from each class and all participated in four football games until we had a winner. Willow Team 1 won overall and we were all very impressed.

All teams played extremely well and showed brilliant sportsmanship. Well done!

Science Experiment

Yesterday afternoon, Year 3 learnt that science experiments aren’t always about making potions and mixing things together! We have been immersing ourselves in a project called ‘Why is Usain Bolt so fast?’ so we did an experiment to see which starting position is best for going fast in a race. We tried three positions and ran in teams to see if there was a difference between the positions.

We are analysing our results today and will be writing them up so we can see what the final outcome was for each team.

Dog’s Trust visit

Today, Year 3 were visited by a member of the charity Dog’s trust. The children learned how to be safe around dogs and how to be kind and respectful to them when they meet them out and about. They got to do some role play with a model dog, learning how to greet it and where to stroke it and they did some myth busting with the experts.

Black History Month

Today we started celebrating Black History Month in Year 3 – we will be continuing this throughout October, too.

We researched black people who are important in black culture and black history. These people were, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, Lenny Henry, Mary Seacole and Rosa Parks. We worked in groups to create a biography about one of these iconic figures and then presented these to the class.

The presentations were brilliant and everybody learnt a lot 😊

International Week

Last week was international week and we had some fun learning some new French words. We learned how to greet each other- ‘Bonjour! or Salut!’- and we learned how to ask someone how they are feeling- ‘Ca va?’

We also learned how to answer that question with either ‘Ca va bien :)’, Ca va mal :(‘ or ‘Comme ci comme ca :I’.