Harvest celebration

Today, Year 3 dressed up as animals to celebrate Harvest. Don’t we all look amazing! We enjoyed our assembly learning about Send a Cow and how they positively impact lives in far away places like Uganda. We had a fun day!

Choosing our class representatives

Today, Year 3 were using their right to vote to select who they wanted to represent them in the Eco Council. They also voted for who they want to be a Rights Ambassador. We discussed the British Value of Democracy as we did this. Reps will be announced next week. I wonder who will be the Year 3 reps?

Bee Day!

Year 3 dressed up in yellow and black for our Bee Day 🐝. In lessons, we learned how important bees are to our own survival and for a healthy world 🌎 . They enjoyed all the Bee Day activities and having a go at the quiz during assembly. 🐝🐝🐝